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Bourbon Barrel Foods LLC

WR Old Fashion Syrup 16oz

WR Old Fashion Syrup 16oz

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Woodford Reserve® Old Fashioned 

Pour 50ml of Woodford Reserve® Bourbon into your favorite glass.

Add 10ml of Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup.

Add Ice, Stir for 10 seconds and garnish with an orange peel.


Ingredients: granulated sugar, distilled water, raw demerara sugar, natural cherry flavor (propylene glycol, ethyl alcohol, natural flavor, malic acid), natural orange extract (ethyl alcohol, water, natural flavor), natural bitters flavor (ethyl alcohol, water, natural flavor, sugar, glycerin, sulfites), lactic acid (less than 1%).

Contains Less than 10 PPM sulfites.

Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opening for quality.

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