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Lets Go Teddy

Lets Go Teddy

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Written by Michelle Nott

Illustrated by Nahid Kazemi

Teddy and My are made for each other—literally in the case of Teddy, a teddy bear lovingly stitched and stuffed by Grandma for the newborn baby. From eating mushy vegetables to playing with blocks, Teddy is there every step of the way as My grows older. Even as the little girl goes to school and makes new friends, she can always count on Teddy for playtime, comfort, and friendship.

As she leaves early childhood behind, My comes to rely on Teddy less and less. But Teddy still has an important role to play in My’s life. In an act of welcome and tremendous love, My decides to give Teddy to her newborn baby brother, who needs Teddy just as much now as she once did.




ISBN: 978-1-59270-368-5

7.5” (W) x 10” (H) • 72 Pages • HCJ

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