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Kimberly Wilson

A Dollar's Grand Dream

A Dollar's Grand Dream

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Big Bill the dollar loves his one-derful life of tippin’, payin’, and donatin’ at restaurants, farmers markets, and collection jars...until Hundred pays a visit, telling tales of large bills living in the lap of luxury. Then Bill’s dreams turn to mega mansions, fancy cars, and superstars.

With the magical help of his friend Penny, Bill’s wish for wealth comes true. Suddenly he’s a ten thousand dollar bill――one of the biggest bills in history! But when glamorous Thousand steps in to show him the ropes, he begins to worry his grand new life might not be what he was banking on.

The one and only change-wranglin’ buckaroo stars in a hilarious adventure rich with puns that reminds us to be careful what we wish for and to value what we already have.

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